Marinette attrape le chapeau

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    “On the other hand, to my knowledge WIPP was built with a minimum of state fuss.”Your knowledge is incorrect. New Mexicans fought tooth and nail against WIPP.

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    i will definitely splurge on this when i hit the big 3-0! gosh, im happy my skin is satisfied with my aqualabel routine for now. can’t drop HKD980 for a toner! *faints* you’re so lucky to have been sent a bottle for review! but then, you’ll have to buy the next one. *iseethefutureofyourwallet* LOL!

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    I lived in Hoboken, NJ for years when the Maxwell Coffee plant was still in operation (now they are condos with great views of NYC). The smell of roasting coffee is nothing like the smell of brewing coffee. It is a sickly sweet smell. I think is smells like molasses. If you choose to roast your own beans do listen to S and don’t do it in the house.

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    Now that’s subtle! Great to hear from you.

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